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3rd Annual Memorial Walk – Rae’s Awareness

RAPE Walk 3rd Annual

April 9th at 1pm we hold our Annual Walk to Rae’s Awareness about Sexualized Violence Pledge sheets are available After our walk we will provide snacks/speakers/entertainment All are welcome We will be taking a community pledge to “keep each other safe” and placing stones along our route. Join Us! Sexualized Violence affects ALL of us. Read More »

Rae’s Awareness Walk

RAPE Walk 3rd Annual

Because sexualized violence affects us all. This event is a Memorial Walk for Rehtaeh to bring awareness to the issues of sexualized violence in our communities. We need to evaluate societal perceptions of rape and sexual violence which includes the evergrowing nature of “cyber slut shaming” We have a great line up of speakers/entertainers following our walk. This year we ... Read More »

Human Error


This editorial cartoon sums it up well. Yes, I was pleased with the results of the review in terms of the mistakes made not being covered up so far in the report that they can’t be found. Yes, I was relieved that FINALLY what we knew was wrong all along was written out in black and white. The reasons for ... Read More »

Semi Colon Fundraiser Tattoo – National Suicide Prevention week


World Suicide Preventation/Awareness Day is Sept 10th. We will host this event to help bring awareness of the prevalence of Suicide and the struggles people face.The Rehtaeh Parsons Society will be joined by Six Points Tattoo Parlour to raise funds and help reduce the stigma of mental health. We will be having a two day tattoo fundraiser. The semi colon ... Read More »

Traveling Stones in Memory of Rehtaeh


On the 1st Anniversary of Rehtaeh’s death I began placing stones in all her favourite places as a way to honour her. Since then we have sent the stones worldwide and for an entire year the stones were placed lovingly in so many beautiful places which resulted in beautiful photos. This year on April 7th marked one year of stone ... Read More »

I forgive you


The 20-year-old Trenton man who left Scott Jones in a wheelchair after attacking him with a knife outside a New Glasgow bar last fall received a 10-year prison sentence Thursday. Jones, who is now paralyzed from the waist down, publicly forgave Shane Edward Matheson, 20, who pleaded guilty to attempted murder in the stabbing. “Shane, nothing can justify what you’ve ... Read More »