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Food for the Body/Soul

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Many years ago I read “Anatomy of the Spirit” by Caroline Myss and it was so fascinating. I started and finished the book in a small cabin in Hants Co in just a few days.The concept that we carry our emotions in our physical bodies made so much sense to me but I had not entertained the idea before picking ... Read More »

The Grief Journey


October 4th – 3yrs 5months. I continue on this journey of life, loss and deep deep emotions. Sometimes, I forget my own advice and feel disappointed when the darkness arrives seeping into the cells of my being. I embrace my triumphs often and sometimes I feel very “warrior” like but when I feel the 4th of each month start creeping ... Read More »

Wisdom of the Body/Mind


August 4th…I have not been paying attention to the dates lately. I knew Natal Day was August 1st but with summer off with the kids the dates seem to be blending together. However, the last couple of nights I had several dreams of Rehtaeh. Of course the dreams often result in her being here with her family. The theme usually ... Read More »

April 4th 2016 marks 3 yrs

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The last week of March feels like a wet heavy blanket edging its way from my feet to my chins and upwards covering me inch by inch. Each day unfolds holding the dark reminder that April is arriving. Isn’t this a time of new beginnings? Isn’t this a time to come out of our winter slumber to embrace the longer ... Read More »

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Exploring the Depths

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Some Thoughts about PTSD…. Exploring the Depths I never truly understood what PTSD truly is.. I was living with it for years and never even knew that I had PTSD No one ever explained my past traumas to me in this way. I thought ONLY people who experienced trauma in war experienced PTSD. I thought PTSD was flashbacks of horrific ... Read More »

Life LOVES us!

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January was rough, rough, rough emotionally and physically but spiritually there has been so much growth. We often hear about the decline of one’s health after loss/grief/emotional trauma and I truly understand this now and how it has been this way for the past couple of years. The emotions that we carry have special pockets and areas that tend to ... Read More »

January 2016 – Reflections and Arriving at new year

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Reflections on the month include a look back at 2015. In order to arrive in 2016 it’s important for me to reflect. I have never been a resolution type of person but I do like to focus on intentions to help keep me focused. The month of December was a challenge but I look back and see a pattern. Leading ... Read More »

December’s Reflections


December 4th Reflections I could feel December coming for weeks like a dark cloud. As each week/day brought me closer to December my chest felt heavier, the pain in my hips more intense. I reminded myself to take deep breaths as I continually noticed my shallow breathing patterns. I touch my hand to my heart daily to connect to myself ... Read More »

Monthly Reflections


November 4th -Another month has arrived which is always a time of reflection for me. I tend to assess my month as another month without Rehtaeh and what has emotionally transpired for me. I have had some very very painful days and many many tears. I have been asked a few times about “having fun” such as ” Are you ... Read More »