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Nova Scotia’s First Sexual Violence Strategy


If you live in Nova Scotia please take the time to <a href=”http://novascotia.ca/coms/svs/your-feedback/” target=”_blank”>fill out this form</a> and share your thoughts, ideas, and feedback. Your feedback is anonymous. <a href=”http://www.sexassault.ca/statistics.htm” target=”_blank”>Sexual Assault Statistics in Canada</a> A Numerical Representation of the Truth: <ul> <li>Of every 100 incidents of sexual assault, only 6 are reported to the police</li> <li>1 – 2% of ... Read More »

Death Threat Charges Laid

The recent charges filed are in relation to a death threat I received last summer on my YouTube channel. Thursday evening I was contacted by police and informed of the charges and other details. Although I am relieved this person has been identified and charged I do think it’s sad someone so young has made such a mess out of their life ... Read More »

Myths, Misconceptions, and Rape Culture

Below is a list of questions, myths, and misconceptions regarding Rehtaeh’s case and circumstances. We have handed Murray Segal a separate set of questions for him to ask the police. When his review is complete hopefully those will be answered. If you have a question you would like me to address please ask. I will gladly add them to this ... Read More »

Victims of Violence Week 2014

This is the talk I am giving today in Ottawa for Victims of Violence Week in memory of my wonderful daughter Rehtaeh Parsons. he past year has been a year filled with a great deal of pain but also with hope. Before Rehtaeh died she shared with a quote that she felt reflected the world she came to know. The ... Read More »

The Rehtaeh Parsons Tragedy: Interview with her Father Glen Canning

n Saturday I was  interviewed on the Jake Pentland Show. The interview lasts for an hour and a half so it’s quite long. Towards the end they took a caller and I addressed a few issues he has including free speech. Apparently I shouldn’t be calling people rapists while the caller defends the right of someone to suggest I molested and ... Read More »

The Centre for Gender Advocacy – Concordia

Last Thursday I had the pleasure to speak at Concordia University about the issues surrounding Rehtaeh’s life and death. I was asked to come as a keynote speaker by the Centre for Gender Advocacy as part of a larger event series: Another Word for Gender: an intro to feminist organizing & action. These are some truly an amazing group of ... Read More »

Call for a Public Inquiry into Rehtaeh’s Case

“In Rehtaeh’s case we have a lot of unanswered questions and I don’t feel confident whatsoever that the current reviews that are taking place are going to answer these questions. They just don’t have the power to do that. My fear is that they’re going to produce a stack of paper and say, ‘Look, we did a lot,’ and then ... Read More »

A Wonderful Gift

Last week we meet with a government official and she passed on to us a book of condolences. Following Rehtaeh’s death the Nova Scotia Government put a condolence page on their web site for people to leave messages. Her death was an international story and we heard from people all over the world. The messages of faith, hope, love, sadness, ... Read More »