Rehtaeh Parsons

The Grief Retreat 2016

IMG_7799 - Grief

Our grief retreat was one filled with love, understanding, healing and support. We gathered as parents with the common experience of child loss. Many of us never met before. This type of loss is so profoundly painful we often feeling isolated and alone. I knew we needed something to come together but I could never have imagined just how it ... Read More »

Bill C-13


I am waiting to hear the outcome today. I feel we need to send a strong message to youth that sharing intimate images is going to get you in a whole lot of trouble. This type of behaviour is causing kids so much emotional damage. We are losing our children due to the cruelty of others. Whats the difference between ... Read More »

Wisdom of the Body/Mind


August 4th…I have not been paying attention to the dates lately. I knew Natal Day was August 1st but with summer off with the kids the dates seem to be blending together. However, the last couple of nights I had several dreams of Rehtaeh. Of course the dreams often result in her being here with her family. The theme usually ... Read More »

Support Group Begins

circle helping-hands

This Friday March 18th is our first support group for anyone affected by suicide. Suicide loss is a complex grief and often we feel very isolated in our pain. Rehtaeh Parsons Society along with Eastern Shore Mental Health have teamed up with Grief Counsellor Roy Ellis to offer a place to “feel” heard and to explore our feelings. The group ... Read More »

Rae’s Awareness Walk

RAPE Walk 3rd Annual

Because sexualized violence affects us all. This event is a Memorial Walk for Rehtaeh to bring awareness to the issues of sexualized violence in our communities. We need to evaluate societal perceptions of rape and sexual violence which includes the evergrowing nature of “cyber slut shaming” We have a great line up of speakers/entertainers following our walk. This year we ... Read More »



The Society offers a Yoga Program every Sunday evening and everyone is welcome. Its gentle yoga connecting mind/body/spirit. Drop by any time. We would love you to join us. Location: 122 Portland St Dartmouth (upstairs) Time: 7:00pm til 8:15pm When: Every Sunday Evening Read More »

December’s Reflections


December 4th Reflections I could feel December coming for weeks like a dark cloud. As each week/day brought me closer to December my chest felt heavier, the pain in my hips more intense. I reminded myself to take deep breaths as I continually noticed my shallow breathing patterns. I touch my hand to my heart daily to connect to myself ... Read More »

Human Error


This editorial cartoon sums it up well. Yes, I was pleased with the results of the review in terms of the mistakes made not being covered up so far in the report that they can’t be found. Yes, I was relieved that FINALLY what we knew was wrong all along was written out in black and white. The reasons for ... Read More »

Re-Launch of Need Help Now


This website is an invaluable resource for teens to help them change their story, to help them navigate through troubled times. Its also a great reference for parents who have teens experiencing trauma. Its easy to use and understand.Most importantly it empowers youth to take back their life and be the creator of their own life’s journey/story. The campaign is ... Read More »