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Praying for Ashlee


See this young vibrant girl in this photo with Rehtaeh? She really needs your prayers right now. She is in hospital with multiple gun shot wounds due to a senseless act of violence. She was the victim to a home invasion and three people.. 18 and under entered..stole cigarettes and cell phones then shot the people inside. I believe that ... Read More »

Guilty Plea in Rehtaeh Parsons Case


This morning I sat in a Halifax courtroom and listened as one of the young men involved with my daughter’s case changed his plea to guilty. He is guilty of producing child pornography. He is the person who clicked the button on that cellphone, and as simply as that, he ended her life. It’s a bittersweet moment. I’m sure some ... Read More »

Death Threat Charges Laid

The recent charges filed are in relation to a death threat I received last summer on my YouTube channel. Thursday evening I was contacted by police and informed of the charges and other details. Although I am relieved this person has been identified and charged I do think it’s sad someone so young has made such a mess out of their life ... Read More »

Standing Up and Losing Faith

*The names in this story have been changed. t sounds familiar — the anger, the sorrow, the pain, and the confusion. How could doing the right thing leave you feeling so let down? So disappointed? Anne’s story hits close to home. Another young victim forever changed. She tells me that she “feels like she’s lost a loved one.” She feels ... Read More »

Trial Today Postponed until After the New Year


The two boys facing charges in child pornography were set to go to trial today, after being put back once already; trial is pushed back, yet again.  The set date is for January 9th, 2013. This Anon is waiting for the when and where and I’ll be there … that being said, I do respect AND understand that we have ... Read More »

Police, Public Prosecution Service Review to be Delayed

We meet with Murray Segal and understand why the review needs to be delayed. It is for the best and I agree. MEDIA RELEASE Independent reviewer Murray Segal is recommending that he delay his review of the police and Public Prosecution Service response in the Rehtaeh Parsons case. Mr. Segal met with the Parsons family this week. He concluded that ... Read More »

Greetings, citizens of Nova Scotia.


We are Anonymous. On November the fifth, we invite you to join us in a march of solidarity internationally known as the Million Mask March. As most other provinces across Canada, and all countries around the world, we will be marching to protest corruption and taking a stand in solidarity to seek truth and transparency in our governments and authority ... Read More »

The Centre for Gender Advocacy – Concordia

Last Thursday I had the pleasure to speak at Concordia University about the issues surrounding Rehtaeh’s life and death. I was asked to come as a keynote speaker by the Centre for Gender Advocacy as part of a larger event series: Another Word for Gender: an intro to feminist organizing & action. These are some truly an amazing group of ... Read More »

Rae of Light Centre – Aviva Community Fund

PLEASE VOTE: http://www.avivacommunityfund.org/ideas/acf16846 The focus of the Rae of Light Centre will be a safe haven for youth who may feel judged, rejected, or lost in the midst various forms of abuse. Rae of Light would offer direct services from mid-day into evening and would also enable 24/7 services for online communications. The full portfolio of services we will provide ... Read More »

Speaking to CKDU Radio about Rehtaeh (Audio)


Yesterday morning I had the pleasure to speak with Freddy Webber. Freddy is the host of CKDU Radio’s The Most Maple Morning. I was invited by musician Patrick Murray. Patrick is playing tonight at a Compassion Action CD release event at Big Leagues in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. The funds raised from this CD will support our work in suicide prevention, ... Read More »