Time -Monthly Reflections

August 16 2011

July 4th 2016 Monthly Reflections on my Grief Journey – Time This month was full of emotions as each month tends to be. Being a part of a Tedx Event and speaking from a place within my heart that I had never truly embraced before was such an emotional and inspiring experience. I truly felt that I left some of ... Read More »

December’s Reflections


December 4th Reflections I could feel December coming for weeks like a dark cloud. As each week/day brought me closer to December my chest felt heavier, the pain in my hips more intense. I reminded myself to take deep breaths as I continually noticed my shallow breathing patterns. I touch my hand to my heart daily to connect to myself ... Read More »

Grief and the family..2yrs4months


Saying… Two years 4months today it takes my breath away for so many reasons. Lately I’ve been reflecting on the heart. How the heart actually constricts during and following a traumatic event. Then we tend to walk with shoulders forward, feel tightness in our diaphragms (from irregular breathing) and overall a tightness in our bodies. All ways to escape the ... Read More »

Living after loss cont’d

I missed writing on the 4th of the month but of course it was very close to my mind while on vacation with my family. July 4th was spent in Rhode Island where my middle child Temyson played in a softball tournament. We celebrated with the Americans on their July 4th weekend in a beautiful little campground called Holiday Acres. ... Read More »



Here we are on the 4th of the month. What a month! Rehtaeh left us in the month of April. It’s now been 2yrs and one month since I spoke to my girl I just can’t comprehend the concept of time anymore. How could it be an entire 2yrs when it seems like just yesterday and forever all at once? ... Read More »