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Food for the Body/Soul

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Many years ago I read “Anatomy of the Spirit” by Caroline Myss and it was so fascinating. I started and finished the book in a small cabin in Hants Co in just a few days.The concept that we carry our emotions in our physical bodies made so much sense to me but I had not entertained the idea before picking ... Read More »

The Emotional Scars of Trauma


Its my monthly reflections day and although I felt the urge to write over the past week I feel its important to write in the moment on this day – the 4th of the month. Three years 8months since I hugged my child (although I hug her everyday in my mind). I go over that last hug each day and ... Read More »

So many ways to embrace the grief


After recently giving a few presentations someone came up to me and asked “How are you able to get up there and share such deep pain?” Because I have a few years of speaking behind me now and because I try my best to always reflect on how I feel I was able to express the emotions that are present ... Read More »

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