Affirmations on the Path

Sometimes I wonder why I keep speaking out. I ask myself “Is this making a difference?” Sometimes, others ask me why I keep speaking out and say “You need to take time to Grieve!”

It takes a lot of emotional energy to share pain. In the beginning I spoke out because Rehtaeh deserved to be heard. Then I shared my daughter life and who she truly was before all of this trauma began because her life mattered. I wanted people to know that she was a wonderful person not “that girl that was raped and killed herself”. It was very important to counter the headlines by allowing people to see her for who she was – not just a headline in the news.

I grieve the loss of my daughter everyday but I celebrate her too. I have chosen to walk the path that honours her life and “Rae’s Awareness” . I no longer feel I have to in order for her to be remembered. She will always be remembered as Rehtaeh Parsons – the girl who made a huge impact on the world and continues to do so.

Sometimes, we wonder if we are on the right path but the Universe, God, Spirit (whatever you chose to call the Source) never fails to affirm our path when we are paying attention.

This past weekend it happened for me once again. I was taking a training course to facilitate groups empowering females to embrace their divine feminine energy. I was surprised that a young girl came up to me on the first day and told me “Rehtaeh saved my life!”

She went on to say she was raped and in a very dark place ready to end her life. She started reading about Rehtaeh and the work that I do. Something in the articles/video clips changed her perspective and she decided to live. She is here today because of Rehtaeh. How amazing is that! Speaking about suicide does not promote it. It gives a voice to others looking for hope. It tells them that they are not alone.

The next day her Mom thanked me for speaking out and advocating. This of course felt very bittersweet for me. But it was a strong affirmation that I am on the path doing the work I need to do. Many females over the past few years also shared similar stories of how speaking out about Rehtaeh has saved their life – literally saved their life.

When we share our voice and our truth even the deepest pain we just never know who needs to hear those words. We never know who we will impact. That’s why its so important to share your wisdom, your story, your truth!

We are not meant to shrink in our pain. We are meant to SHINE our light!