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A Special Thank You


We would like to thank everyone who came out on Saturday as well las al the people who followed our launch. It was very successful and we had lots of people come forward dot sign up to help end violence against women, bullying, and sexual assault. The fist step is talking and we have come a long way as far ... Read More »

Bill C-13


Version française ci-dessous May 13, 2014 The House of Commons’ Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights Ottawa, Ont., CANADA Mr. Chair, Good morning and thank you for allowing me to come here today and express my thoughts on Bill C-13. My name is Glen Canning. In April of 2013 my daughter, Rehtaeh Parsons, ended her life following a very ... Read More »

One Billion Rising Toronto Rally at Yonge-Dundas

Arrived safely in Toronto and looking forward to sharing my voice in the One Billion Rising Toronto Public Rally today at Yonge-Dundas Square.  “We come together at Yonge-Dundas Square to show our solidarity, to take up space, to add our own voices and to send a clear message, from both women and men, that violence against women will not be tolerated in ... Read More »

Nightwood Theatre tackles cyberbullying

If you live in Toronto or happen to be visiting please take in this important production about the dangers the digital age presents to our youth. I wish I could attend. PLEASE share this post so they get as much publicity as possible. I love it when artists use their talents to educate and inspire us. Read More »

Cyber-Abuse: The Virtual Violent Crime

Cyber-abusers are solely responsible and accountable for the cruel and heinous devastation they purposely inflict on the lives of their targets. The architects and operators of cyberspace, and the social network systems within it, certainly cannot be blamed for the specific actions of these online criminals. However, just because they cannot be blamed for the abuse itself, does not remove ... Read More »

“Stop Hating Online” TV Ad

Yesterday morning I had the opportunity to speak to hundreds students at Fairview Junior High School in Halifax. I was invited by Federal Justice Minister Peter MacKay to help introduce the new national campaign that emphasizes the legal consequences of cyberbullying. The campaign is called Stop Hating Online and it outlines what constitutes cyberbullying and what to do if you’re ... Read More »

Cyberbullying legislation to be announced


Welcome news this morning.   Related articles Conservatives set to introduce cyberbullying legislation Federal government to table bill aimed at combating cyberbullying Cyberbullying law promised in throne speech takes aim at online abuse Statement from Ministers Blaney and MacKay on Bullying Awareness Week Read More »

International Stop Cyberbullying Youth Summit

A lot of people wanted me to teach them (the kids) about cyberbullying. I don’t need to, they know about cyberbullying. What they don’t know about is what they can do to get help and what they can do to help others and how they can stop it. That’s what we’re going to help them to understand. ~Parry Aftab This past ... Read More »

Raffi Cavoukian’s #lightwebdarkweb

I knew I was in for an emotional read when I opened the book and stared at the name of the wonderful person it was dedicated to – Amanda Todd. As a parent I thought I was doing something good for my daughter when I allowed her to begin using a computer when she was three. She took to it ... Read More »

Government to focus on protecting the most vulnerable victims – children.

Imagine yourself in this situation: without their knowledge, your child has a sexually graphic photo taken of them. The photo fits the legal definition of child pornography and you know who took it and who is distributing it. You pass this information on to police and they open an investigation. The image ends up being shared across an entire school ... Read More »