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Praying for Ashlee


See this young vibrant girl in this photo with Rehtaeh? She really needs your prayers right now. She is in hospital with multiple gun shot wounds due to a senseless act of violence. She was the victim to a home invasion and three people.. 18 and under entered..stole cigarettes and cell phones then shot the people inside. I believe that ... Read More »

Rehtaeh Parsons is her name


I will post everyday until May 16th when the court goes back in to attempt to overturn the Publication Ban….  REHTAEH PARSONS is her name. ~ Leah Parsons This ban makes no sense at all — not at this point. No one in the justice system stood up to protect Rehtaeh when she needed it and when it would have ... Read More »

Publication ban emerges in Rehtaeh’s case

I made an application to the court this morning to have the publication ban lifted. Both Rehtaeh’s mother and I are of the opinion that a move to protect Rehtaeh comes far to late and only serves to highlight the many missed opportunities to do so while she was alive. A publication ban may be well intended but makes no ... Read More »

Trial Today Postponed until After the New Year


The two boys facing charges in child pornography were set to go to trial today, after being put back once already; trial is pushed back, yet again.  The set date is for January 9th, 2013. This Anon is waiting for the when and where and I’ll be there … that being said, I do respect AND understand that we have ... Read More »