Broken Hearts!

I love how the Universe speaks to me when I connect to nature. Yesterday while exploring the shores of N.S. with my doggies I was drawn to a heart shaped rock which is often what I find on my travels. I picked up the perfect shaped stone and smiled.

Shortly after I found another amazing larger heart that looked jagged and rough down the center. I thought “that looks like an amazing broken heart” Blessed by both of these stones I kept walking and stopped here and there along the way. I kept putting down my belongings and picking them back up knowing I was taking a different route back.

Each time I started my trek along the shore I realized I didn’t pick up my broken heart stone. Back I went over and over – reclaiming my stone. The last time I forgot to pick it up and walked along I finally realized the powerful message.

“Leah you dont need to go back and pick up that stone. It’s not meant for you because your heart is not broken”

That got me thinking…that is so true! A broken heart doesn’t love the way I love. Life has not broken this heart. My heart remains loving! It does not matter the actions of others or what life presents I choose love.

I am not broken and neither is my heart!

Thank you Mother Earth for the way you touch my soul!