Death Threat Charges Laid

April 19, 2014, Halifax, Nova Scotia: The HRP/RCMP Integrated General Investigation Section has charged a 19-year-old male after threats were made online.

On August 2nd, 2013, police received a complaint from a 49-year-old male who was threatened online. Threats from the suspect were posted underneath a YouTube video posted in August by the victim. Other threats were made via another site called WordPress.

As a result of an investigation, search warrants were executed to obtain IP addresses and other information. Police seized a computer and electronic storage devices from a residence on Peter Court in Eastern Passage.

On Thursday evening, police officers arrested a 19-year-old at the residence on Peter Court in Eastern Passage. He is facing charges under the Criminal Code including Uttering Death Threats and Criminal Harassment. He will be appearing in Dartmouth Provincial Court on May 20th, 2014.

Contact person:

Cpl. Scott MacRae
Halifax RCMP
Office: (902) 490-1497
Cell: (902) 488-2830

The recent charges filed are in relation to a death threat I received last summer on my YouTube channel. Thursday evening I was contacted by police and informed of the charges and other details.

Although I am relieved this person has been identified and charged I do think it’s sad someone so young has made such a mess out of their life and chosen to lash out in such a way. That is unfortunate.

The HRM Police Department did an outstanding job in tracking him down and holding him accountable. It would have been nice if it was resolved quicker but that was out of their hands (Google took months to respond). Hopefully social media companies are learning to be more responsive to police requests for information and in the future response times will be much shorter.

People who turn to the Internet to harass and threaten others and believe they are doing so in darkness need to know police are getting better at turning on the lights. You are not as hidden as you think.

It’s Easter, its a hard weekend. I’m going for a long walk.


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15 thoughts on “Death Threat Charges Laid

  1. I hope that the 19 year old brat whose name is protected by publication ban, thanks to the Liberals and their stupid Young Offender Act is given a rough ride when he is in prison. What white trash he must be, to threaten you, after what he did. What Canada needs is a return to mob justice. This would be a very effective deterrent against crimes of this kind.

    My thoughts are with you and your family this Easter. May you find healing in Christ and his triumph over death.

    1. I am hopeful that Nightowl’s views of “white trash” and “mob justice” aren’t shared by most. We complain about other people’s uncivilized behaviour but then people like Nightowl advocate uncivilized justice and derogatory labels.

      Let’s not lower ourselves.

    2. That would be ironic, if not extreme. ‘Mob justice’ saw a man nearly beaten to death in Detroit for a simple accident. Mob justice is blind, stupid and swift. I’m not happy about the YCJA either but the prosecutors and police have some discretion in trying to bring charges against the two as adults.

      I also think it’s wrong to cast a partisan shadow over this whole affair. If the YCJA needs changes, as many Canadians would agree, why haven’t the CPC push for it or worked with the opposition on such reforms after 9 years?

    3. Nightowl, you are less than a 1/2 wit, I’m glad you have zero say in how things are run in this country.

  2. That is good news in that hopefully the hate will stop.

    Good luck to you, friend. Hate on top of tragedy only rubs salt in it. Pretty sure you have most of the Internet supporting you. All the best.

  3. I am very pleased to hear they caught that person threatening you.

    I too have received threats to my life from those same people who terrorized Amanda.

    They don’t like me hanging out in their playgrounds keeping the very young girls safe from those persuading them to strip.

    I caught them commenting to each other how I ruined a perfect video.

    I caught them telling others to drink bleach and similar words like they said to Amanda.

    The girlfriend/ex girlfriend of Kody (Kody = known blackmailer) + (GF = Main suspect for the bullying of Amanda) has a broadcast on YouNow and live on this broadcast she had a (male) friend (clearly hear able from her phone directed at me) offering me any women of my choice or to die if I don’t leave. I quietly watched her broadcast (I believe my presence haunts her)! The next day when watching her broadcast I recieved a death threat again then he said not really I love you (maybe he thought I was recording hi threats?). She knows why I am there but I have said nothing not one word.

    She has left Canada and the USA (probably to escape arrest and conviction) and has been living in Panama next to the Panama Canal (she showed this from her apartment window with her webcam). She is home schooling and looks suicidal (is now nearly the exact same age Amanda was when she left us) and very unhappy behind her smile.

    Yes this is how young Kody’s girlfriends are and he now has two more very young girls hanging out in his place. He has a uninterrupted broadcast at his place 24 hrs. a day whether he is home or not to gather “YouNow coins” which are also used to buy “Likes” to cheer girls on when starting to tease so they might strip or show something.

    I don’t know if I should worry about those threats, those gangster type guys would be picked up right away around here and after sitting in the station a few hours they would be asked what they are doing then they would be told to go and never come back!

    My computer and accounts have been hacked (probably by these child porn mafias – yes that is plural – no typo). I have needed about 24 hrs. to regain control of my accounts so I have no idea what kind of evil they have done with them today to possibly incriminate me 🙁 . I feel responsible for the bullying Carol has been suffering today maybe because of this (She is a friend on my Facebook account) :/ Please God help her!

  4. congrats! i’m so sorry to hear of what you and your wife both have already suffered, and dealing with a knuckle dragger like this who continued to harass you both–a grieving couple–just makes me shake my head in shame. too bad this pos isn’t older as i’d like nothing more than to see him put in his place via a good public shaming.

    1. glen…do me a favour…edit it for me…sorry a double negative i didnt’ catch
      ”. too bad this pos isn’t not older as i’d like nothing more than to see him put in his place via a good public shaming.” of course should read either ”…pos isn’t older”’ or ”pos is not older”
      you know what i mean.
      all the very best to you and your wife for continued healing!
      vancouver bc

  5. Glen, Keep your head high. This 19 year old chump will get his… dont you worry, its rather ironic that he would select the name “iamkarma” unfortunately for him, his actions and words have already landed him in hot water. He’ll get whats coming to him, dont you worry… life will make sure of that. Glen, I am aware that I am a complete stranger to you, but you do not stand alone.. Stay strong, enjoy your walk, remember to breathe.

  6. Your IP address matches other comments made on this site. Those comments have different user names and some of them are extremely sick and vile. Do you really want them public? You posted on a site in Ottawa that Rehtaeh couldn’t give consent.

    I know who you are and that you used to or still do live on Hornes Rd. in Eastern Passage (or used their computer). If you have information on this case, why haven’t you gone to the police with it?

    1. Very good reply. Glad to hear the man was arrested for his behavior online. Far too many trolls think they can get away with trolling our boards but they can’t because we do know things they don’t. Keep up the good fight Glen.

  7. Who am I? Also how are you matching my ip address? Also why have you deleted my comment other then it exposed your lies? I have a million questions for you but when the case is solved it will answer them all. Good luck persuading others in your false stories. You have put a blindfold over the publics eyes via the media. Since you spoke to the news the general public has come to believe it is the truth, as It has been in the paper. But if you look back not every thing in the media is a fact. And your story will soon join the fiction category.

    1. Who are you? Loran Brimicombe.

      Your IP address is captured when you leave a comment.

      You haven’t exposed anything. Only how sick you are.

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