Traveling Stones in Memory of Rehtaeh

On the 1st Anniversary of Rehtaeh’s death I began placing stones in all her favourite places as a way to honour her. Since then we have sent the stones worldwide and for an entire year the stones were placed lovingly in so many beautiful places which resulted in beautiful photos. This year on April 7th marked one year of stone photos that have been recently made into a book. With the immense help of Winnipeg author and journalist (Marianne Curtis) the layout and design was complete. I do not have a copy in hand yet but I am very excited about this book being published. The book will be available via this website and on Amazon shortly but that is just the beginning.
The stones are still traveling and those placed from April 7th 2015 til April 7th 2016 will also be made into a 2nd book. The first year we focused on bringing awareness to Sexualized Violence and this year the focus will be on awareness of youth mental health. Also, we will be making pages available for others who lost their children by suicide. To be added to the book a donation is required for either a full page or a portion of the page. This includes a stone being mailed to you, you take the photo and send it back and we will include the photo and a memorial to your child/cousin/friend/sibling in the book. All proceeds go to the Rehtaeh Parsons Society. If you would like to be a part of the next book please email us. We can take tragedy and turn it into truimph and we must.

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    1. You want to order a book ? You could use the donate button and let me know its for a book or do an email web transfer, paypal. What would you prefer?

  1. Hi, I’d like to order one of the books and one of the mugs and have them mailed to me. Would you be able to tell me how much that would come too? I’d use Paypal for it.

    Thank you

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