3 thoughts on “Change Your Story

  1. Dear family, friends and everyone who loves Rehtaeh

    I just saw a coverage on tv, I live in Belgium, about the traggic story that happened to Rehtaeh and what you, as parents, went trough.
    I just want to say that the coverage thouched my heart. I really feel with all of you.
    Such a beautiful girl, clearly inside and outside.
    Like was said in the coverage this story went viral. I don’t know if you have a clue where Belgium lies?
    It’s a very small country in Europe, right above France. I am convinced that something good comes from everything and how tragic this story is, I am convinced it changed the view of people on bullying and the impact of social media on a persons live.

    It’s a story I will never forget. I am convinced that Rehtaeh did beautiful things in here live, for people and animals. And that she would have had a fantastic feature ahaed of her.
    You all can be very, very proud of her. As what I saw in the coverage, I am convinced you all are.

    Wishing you all the best!!

    Ilona Bensch

  2. Dear family,
    I have just watched the documentary hear in Australia and I am heart broken that your beautiful, intelligent, caring compassionate wonderful daughter had to go through this barbaric disgusting situation someone who did absolutely nothing to deserve any of what this poor girl went through, how dare these animals carry on with there life’s when Rehtaeh,s was taken away and not be reprimanded for there actions. I am truly heart broken she is the same age as my daughter Maisie-Mae and she is being bullied at school but they did nothing and they was not interested in outside school bulling it is mind blowing to me, she is in her final year at school and only as a few months left (thank goodness) this is major upset in mine and her fathers life as your children are so precious.

    You are a true inspiration to all everyone do not give up the fight for justice for you angel. Thank you for sharing your very sad story I know it will help so many others.
    God bless and let’s keep your beautiful daughter Rehtaeh,s spirit alive.


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