During our meeting on Tuesday with Prime Minister Harper he mentioned his wife Laureens work with Need Help Now. The web site offers tips and resources for combating online exploitation.

“You never want to put anything down that can hurt you but they do because they’re kids and it happens,” Harper said in an interview with The Canadian Press.

“So the website is a way to give people information and to teach children no, your life isn’t over, there are things you can do.”

The web site was originally scheduled to go online in the fall but in the wake of Rehtaeh’s death it was put up as soon as possible.

I hope children in Canada find it useful and it helps someone who finds themselves in a situation that can quickly lead to devastating consequences.

Well done and thanks for your support with this Mrs. Harper. is an initiative of the CANADIAN CENTRE FOR CHILD PROTECTION INC., a charitable organization dedicated to the personal safety of all children. Our goal is to reduce child victimization by providing programs and services to the Canadian public. The Canadian Centre for Child Protection operates four national programs: CYBERTIP.CA, Canada’s national tipline for reporting the online sexual exploitation of children; MISSINGKIDS.CA, Canada’s missing children resource centre; KIDS IN THE KNOW, a safety education program designed to empower children and reduce their risk of victimization; and COMMIT TO KIDS, a program to help child-serving organizations create safe environments for children.

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  1. Incredible website, it’s also available in French. Thanks for sharing Glen. I will share it on my facebook page and advise my friends that it’s available in French. Lots of moms, dads and teenagers will be happy to know about this web page in Quebec.


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