Support the Boys Posters

To say I’m speechless would be an understatement.

Who would think of doing something so cruel, heartless, and mean?

They put up a “Support the Boys” poster right in front of my daughters home. For her mother and little sisters to see. How evil.

They want people to hear their side yet they choose to tell it under the cloak of darkness and in the most disgusting way imaginable. They want people to listen before they judge yet they say nothing and scurry away when the cameras come out.

Rehtaeh believed people should be judged based on their character and actions. What does putting these posters up say about the character of these people? Did they honestly think this was a good idea or that it would gain them sympathy and support?


‘Stay strong’ posters in support of Rehtaeh Parsons’ alleged attackers cause storm of controversy in Halifax

RCMP worried posters supporting 4 boys could incite vigilantism

Rehtaeh Parsons’ family being ‘harassed’ by supporters of alleged rapists

3 thoughts on “Support the Boys Posters

  1. You are so strong and for the times that you can’t be strong, there are so many here for you if you need support. Always thinking of you and yours Glen. If you ever need a pet/house-sitter you know how to reach Jared, Kat, and I.

  2. Sir, I wish i had a dad like you. My heart ache to think that you lost your precious daughter because it’s considered acceptable for “boys to be boys” in this society. All this social cruelty has to stop!!! Words have power and they can kill just as much as any other weapon! I hope you eventually find some peace; that that your awful experience will lead to changes to how police handle sexual abuse (I was raped by a cop – I may have been stupid enough to put myself in in bad situation but I can tell you I was not stupid enough to file charges)

  3. The tragedy of Amanda and Rehtaeh is the tipping point. Professor Karwoski and I have been planning the launch of The Social Network Association™ for over a year to hold the social networks accountable. We invite you and your family to be on
    The Social Network Show® if your are able–as we realize you are in so much pain–we are trying to give you a greater voice–and let you know how much we admire and respect you and want to hear anything you have to say.
    Sincerely, Jim Nico, CEO/Founder and Dr. Jane Karwoski, Partner

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