About Us

Mission Statement

We are non-profit society focused on prevention, education and  awareness of sexualized violence, cyber-abuse and wellness.

Our Vision

We empower communities to be safe, supportive and compassionate.

Our Approach

We  engage members of our communities by implementing a multi-faceted approach that includes education, workshops,community programs and input/discussions with other stakeholders .

1. Education and Awareness

We perform outreach to schools, youth groups, first responders, community members and present at a variety of conferences with a focus on empowering individuals. This outreach could include public speaking, campaigns, community awareness events and/or supportive programs.

2. Support for Others

We support individuals struggling emotionally from the trauma of sexualized violence and cyber-harassment. Donations are made towards other local agencies “doing it right”. We also support programs/agencies near and dear to Rehtaeh’s passions such as art, animals and reading.

3. Making a Difference

We collaborate with various agencies to affect  policy and procedures relating to cyber-abuse, sexualized violence and youth mental health. This could include reforms in education, mental health and/or  law enforcement.

Leah Parsons

Rehtaeh and Leah
Leah is an award winning change maker, compassionate global steward and powerful keynote presenter who speaks from the heart. Her love for her daughter and determination to make things right gave her the courage and tenacity to go public with Rehtaeh’s story, advocate for her daughter and ensure that changes were made.
Leah has appeared in news articles all over the world, been featured in countless media segments, documentaries, appeared on the Dr Phil show and has had personal meetings with heads of state. She continues to honour her daughter’s life by educating and keeping the conversation moving forward.Leah speaks at schools, communities and various conferences across Canada reaching thousands of people. Leah’s belief is that we can and must challenge the thinking and mindset of people of all ages regarding sexualized violence, cyber-harassment and mental health.

“By saying no to the “status quo” and challenging societal norms- we create a strong desire for change one community at a time. It’s time! ”

Glen Canning

glen_canning_200Glen is a writer and photographer living in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  He is an advocate for the rights of victims of sexual assault and cyberbullying.  His personal mandate is to support education and awareness of the roles of men towards the prevention of sexual violence against women.  He remains committed to doing everything possible to ensuring that what happened to his daughter, Rehtaeh, doesn’t happen to someone else’s daughter. His writing appears on his blog and Huffington Post Canada.

Glen has spoken at numerous events including Ad Week in NYC, BlissDom 2013 (Toronto), as well as Bishops University, Concordia, MSVU, and many other locations.

Glen and Leah’s dedication to seeking change in preventing cyberbullying and online sexual exploitation has not only raised awareness about the issues, but their tireless advocacy has also motivated stakeholders to urgently address the harm done by this type of victimization.Rosalind Prober