Bill C-13

I am waiting to hear the outcome today. I feel we need to send a strong message to youth that sharing intimate images is going to get you in a whole lot of trouble. This type of behaviour is causing kids so much emotional damage. We are losing our children due to the cruelty of others.
Whats the difference between this new law and child pornography laws? The intent for Bill C-13 is specifically for these types of situations where people are sharing intimate images of others without consent. Child pornography laws were designed for pedophiles- thats why a new law was needed. The males charged in Rehtaeh’s case were charged with child pornography however this law would have made more sense if it were in place at the time. Rehtaeh did not share a photo but this still applies becasue a photo was taken without her consent AND shared. The law is in place now and its important to apply this new law. I think we will see more of these type of charges until it is well known that sharing intimate photos without permission is against the law.

Kids know that when they share an intimate photo its to harm another person’s “sense of being”. They know its cruelty. I often hear that the person taking the nude photo should also be charged. I agree that people should not be sharing nude photos with others but trusting someone to share a photo with and deliberately sharing nude photos without person’s permission are not the same.