Publication ban emerges in Rehtaeh’s case

A provincial court judge in Halifax has cited a mandatory publication ban in reference to a prominent child pornography case that had made national headlines. The mandatory ban referred to prohibits the identification of the alleged victim.

The name of the girl, who is deceased, has been previously widely reported but Judge Jamie Campbell noted the mandatory ban on identification during a hearing Wednesday. The judge said he expected this would create “considerable difficulties” for media.

The publication ban cited comes under Section 486 of the Criminal Code, which prevents the naming of alleged victims in some cases.

I made an application to the court this morning to have the publication ban lifted. Both Rehtaeh’s mother and I are of the opinion that a move to protect Rehtaeh comes far to late and only serves to highlight the many missed opportunities to do so while she was alive. A publication ban may be well intended but makes no difference at this point.

It was upsetting yesterday to read over articles mentioning Rehtaeh and then see them disappear as the day progressed. It felt like she was being erased.


11 thoughts on “Publication ban emerges in Rehtaeh’s case

  1. I commend you for not giving up the fight for your this point the ban does nothing but perhaps downplays the truth

  2. When I heard this on the news this morning we talked about it. It just feels that after all this time, the officials want to quiet it down or something. We hope you are successful lifting the ban. Her story needs to be heard to make the necessary changes. People need to hear that there will be justice for Rehtaeh. At this point it would sound like covering it up.

  3. I want to say how very sorry i am for your loss and how very PROUD i am of you and Rahtaeh’s mom for fighting this fight………………i find it insulting that they want to ban her name………..I hope you suceed in lifting the ban……although everyone knows who she is and who they are talking about the ban wont make that much of a difference around here ……..i never met any of you…i wear my REMEMBERING RAHTAEH PARSONS bracelett everyday and will do so until justice is done…..Rehtaeh has made a differnce and has touched many lives……may you find Peace at the end of this journey until then stay strong and know you have so much support

  4. They can black the name and Rehtaeh’s face out all they want,we all know who Rehtaeh is, and we won’t stop supporting her family.I think it’s taken far too long for any kind of justice to be served.I have a feeling they are waiting for it to just go away.I have to wonder why the law protects the guilty so much and there seems to be no where near the protection for the innocent.Thousands from near and far support the work and devotion Rehaeh’s mother and father have put in to helping others.I want the family to stay strong and know so many have you all in their hearts and support you in every step,you do to make someones life better and to know tormenting someone is not ok with any of us.stay strong,in knowing we support you all the way!

  5. What could be done about this? Protect the victim? It is clear they only want to hide their own shame (Courts and Police) and protect the rest of the guilty parties.

    These publication bans are intended to protect living victims whose families decide to have declared “Jane Doe” like in #OP Roll Red Roll.

    I have no understanding for this senseless (in my opinion illegal) censorship of the Press in the case of Rehtaeh. Are books, short books included in this censorship? 😉 Maybe a book about Rehtaeh’s childhood, her families, her friends and what happened on that party night, a party that any person of her age might have ended up at. and then the very tragic events that followed.

    What about a film? Would that start a riot? Would a film be banned too?

    Maybe something good for the children like a public awareness film for school children. (I think you may have already done something like this :scratch-head:) Awareness about what could and did happen and also what could have been done “better” or “right” by others like calling parents or even the police when so much strong alcohol was made available to those of her age. Prevention is better than tragedy and covering up a whole communities shameful handling from every student, adult and parent who may have been at the party then the police, courts and politicians shamefully covering it up or dragging their feet.

    I am sure this is well known to those of NS but maybe not to everyone everywhere. But we all have something in common youth, alcohol, smartphones, social media and the internet in general can be very dangerous. Children need to learn what they should and should not do with phones and that bullying on or offline is not OK.

    My heart cries out and my soul screams “why” every time a person is tortured and takes their own life due to this senseless online terror. I know it is so hard to “Stay Strong” when “it never stops” 🙁

    <3 U All

    1. When Rehtaeh says “good bye!” at the end of this featured video (found here at the bottom) it leaves me feeling so empty, so final.

  6. I support You 210% Glen & Leah!!! Even if the judge is well intended…… It is NOW HER TIME TO BE HEARD!!! Rehtaeh is her name! Her life and loves and very being must never be forgotten or silenced!! IT IS TIME, even in spirit, FOR HER NAME, FOR HER VOICE AND TRUTH OF HER STORY TO SPOKEN AND HEARD!!! For her, your family, all families and future generations. It is time to expose the ugliness & brutality she endured and fought… with such courage, strength, beauty, dignity, integrity, vulnerability and open-heartedness; even at her young age, such an example to us all!!! Her name MUST be spoken…her voice MUST be heard and MUST be printed. As it is her story, her truth that we must hear and know in order for us ALL…not your family alone… to change the ugliness and brutality to one of helpfulness, respect, accountability, integrity and more than ANYTHING….. kindness!!!!!!

  7. Watching the video below n hearing rehtaeh say ” when I grow up” .. breaks my heart. She never got to grow up.. to follow her dreams and now they want her name banned as well!! Totally unfair justice system… start protecting a child/teen before their lives end. Protection of her name now is too late n I think it insults her family who have already bn thru so much! R.I.P lil one ♥

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