Project Blame

Project Blame was created to expose the victim blaming culture that permeates within law enforcement agencies.

It is in the spirit of Project Unbreakable:

We are seeking images from sexual assault victims (either showing your face or not), who reported their assaults to the police, holding a sign that states in a sentence or two what officers told you when they investigated your case. A sample image is posted in the photo below.

YOUR NAME WILL NOT BE POSTED IF YOU EMAIL THE IMAGE. If you post from Facebook it will be.

If you do not have someone who can take your photo please let us know and we will see if we can help.

Email: or

If you are in crisis please contact the Avalon Sexual Assault Centre or your nearest crises centre:

Phone: 902-422-4240

Project Blame
Project Blame

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  1. Its amazing the types of comments I still hear people say: “but she was drinking” “what was she wearing” blah blah blah. Makes my blood boil. I mostly hear these comments on computer, but if I hear them in person, I will definitely say something. (Because I know a fist to the face is illegal and probably not a good idea)

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