Paper Tiger Men


paper tiger

One that is seemingly dangerous and powerful but is in fact timid and weak: “They are paper tigers, weak and indecisive” (Frederick Forsyth).

It’s hard to find comments on news articles that are worth sharing but I couldn’t let this one go. I have no idea what the man’s name is other than Yow. At least if I dissect his username – mynamesyow

The comment appears on an article about Audrie Pott and it sums up very well a deep issue facing a generation of boys trying to be men. 

“The Social Media world, and the world of instant gratification has made boys into paper tiger men.

They have no idea how to be men, how to have respect, and how to treat others, especially women, when a million swirling contrived digital images tell them they can be all things without really being anything.

In their heads they think they’re some tough guy from a video game but in their hearts they lack the conviction to do what’s right because there has been little value placed on doing so.

They dont understand pain or suffering so they inflict it on others as if it is just another past-time to play as they chase after things they dont need to satisfy longings they dont understand.

I feel bad for the girls that have to grow up with these wool-headed fools that have never been taught that you only get what you give….”

1 thought on “Paper Tiger Men

  1. I am seriously Confused….

    It appears that Nova Scotia Police do understand the concept …. Do know the charges to lay……
    Why is this 14 year old charged, in a case which seems eerily similar…
    Yet, as of now, there has not been a charge in Rehtaeh’s rape/online abuse/…?

    Is it possible this 14 year old is a “soft” target compared to the Perpetrators in Rehtaeh’s Crimes?
    Is it possible this 14 year old knew what did NOT get charged in Rehtaeh’s perpetrators? (he must have known, most of Canada now knows)
    To quote Anonymous …..”taught the young men (of Nova Scotia) that rape is easy”……How many have learned the lesson?

    I feel sick.

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