Rehtaeh Anne Parsons

Rehtaeh Anne Parsons
Rehtaeh Anne Parsons
Parsons, Rehtaeh Anne – of Dartmouth, was born December 9, 1995, in Halifax to Leah Parsons and Glen Canning. Our beautiful, beloved daughter Rae left this world on April 7, 2013 at the age of 17. She was predeceased by her maternal grandparents Anne and Ronald of Pictou, NS and her paternal grandfather Tony Canning of Ottawa, ON. Rae is survived by her mother, Leah and her partner Jason Barnes of Cole Harbour; her father, Glen Canning and his wife Krista of Halifax; her two darling sisters, Temyson and Teaghan of Cole Harbour and many loving aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends.

Rae was a free spirit and free thinker. She was a scientist and astronomer. She had a passion for reading all kinds of literature and loved the arts, history, biology and learning about life. She was a passionate painter who found beauty in things others overlooked. Rehtaeh was a lover of animals and expressed a deep sense of love, devotion and empathy to animals in need. A compassionate heart, Rae felt for those less fortunate and never wanted to hurt others. We are proud and privileged to call her our daughter, sister, niece, cousin, friend.

We would like to extend a special thank you to the QEII team of caregivers who helped make Rae’s final journey a peaceful one. These include Drs. Witter and Hancock as well as Jane, Pamela, and Jane. In addition, our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Abidi of Prince Andrew High School in Dartmouth. Your support meant the world to Rae.

Visitation will be held from 2-4 & 7-9 p.m. Friday April 12 at Atlantic Funeral Home 771 Main St., Dartmouth. A funeral service will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday April 13 at Saint Mark’s Anglican Church, 5522 Russell St., Halifax.

In lieu of flowers, we encourage you to visit the SPCA for donation or to walk a dog. Donations may also be made to East Coast German Shepherd Rescue. On-line condolences may be sent by visiting the Dartmouth chapel at:

She loved life, her friends, her family.

Rehtaeh Anne Parsons
Rehtaeh Anne Parsons

19 thoughts on “Rehtaeh Anne Parsons

  1. So sorry for your loss. Hoping you find strength as you absorb your grief in the weeks and months to come.

  2. She is such a beautiful young woman, and though I never met her everything I read about her makes me think I – and indeed, all of us – have been robbed of the richness knowing her personally would have given us all.
    When I read the story I felt grief on behalf of her parents and loved ones, empathy for the despair and disappointment that point in her life must have been full of, and utter rage at not only the perpetrators (for whom I have words I won’t disgrace this comment box with) but also the “justice” system that paved over her without due diligence and effectively demonstrated that her rights and her situation was not even worth their time to properly deal with.
    As much as a tragedy this is, it’s becoming common – and that thought boils my blood. WHY is our justice system so lacking in justice? How is it possible that it is in short supply? And what on earth goes on to make people like the ones who did this to her?!
    Glen, your loss is… utterly unimaginable to me. I wish I knew your daughter, but never wish to know your pain. I have pages of words for her rapists & tormentors, and pages again for those in positions of authority who disgracefully failed her. But for you, I have almost no words except that I am so sorry. As a part of this society, even on the other end of the continent, this failure also falls on me. If I were a main of faith I would be praying for her, and you & yours. Instead, letters will be sent to authority figures and I can see some rage-fueled volunteer work voicing support for tougher laws in my future.
    At least now nobody can hurt her any further.

  3. Sorry the read about the passing of your daughter. Loosing a child must be unbearable.
    Hope you and family will find comfort by the memories of Rehtaeh Anne.

  4. Tony,
    Please except my deepest sympathy on the loss of your beautiful granddaughter. She was called home much too early in her life. May you find the strength to carry on.

  5. I just read this article and felt compelled to send a message. I can’t imagine how you feel at the loss of your daughter – I am not a religious person but I do believe in karma and believe that those people who perpetrated the vile acts against your daughter will get what they deserve – in this life or another.
    I sincerely hope that you (and Rae’s family and friends) find the strength to cope with your loss and are able to take comfort in the memories you have of your beautiful daughter – nobody can take that away. Very best wishes, Christine

  6. I have only just learned of Rehtaeh’s story. I was raped 6 years ago twice…once by my rapist and then by the system. Her story resonates with me and I know exactly how she felt. At the time I was 29 and while going to counseling I remember I said I felt fortunate that it happened to me at that age and not as a teenager. I know as a teen I would not be able to deal with the betrayal of the RCMP and the justice system. I wish I could have been there for Rehtaeh to give her strength and let her know she is not alone and it does not define who she is.

    Thank you for writing such beautiful words about who Rehtaeh is….She is in my heart and always will be….The animal lover, the daughter, the artist. the free thinker and spirit (she is a younger me).

    As you say good bye to Rehtaeh tomorrow know that you are not saying goodbye to her alone. She is not only a gift to the people she helped with the organ donation, but she is a gift to all of us. Her spirit lives on and I am grateful that you chose to share her.

    I understand you are overwhelmed at this time but if any of you ever need anyone to talk to, please contact me. xo

  7. I hurt inside … so I imagine how you must hurt. Thanks for letting me know Rehtaeh, even if I have never met her.

  8. I am so sorry for you and your family. Please accept my condolences on your loss. I’m going to go give both my son and dog a hug. I will think of you and Rae often. My heart goes out to you.

  9. Il n’y a pas de mots pour exprimer ma profonde tristesse concernant le suicide de votre fille Rehtaeh. Je voudrais vous envelopper de tendresse et d’amour pour vous aider à passer au travers cet horrible passage à vide. Je suis une grand-maman de 72 ans et le coeur me manque quand je pense à ces quatre “bêtes” qui ont abusé et violé votre belle fille.
    Il ne faut jamais pardonner ces actes de barbarie et que ces meutriers soient enfermés à jamais.

    Je suis si triste … à en pleurer toutes les larmes de mon corps.

    Mes plus sincères sympathies accompagnent mon message …

  10. I am so sorry for your loss. I hope that justice will be made and that your daughter will rest in peace.

  11. I want to offer my sympathy, to anyone who knew and loved your daughter. I don’t know how destroyed you must feel, I can only imagine what it must be like, to lose a child. I will remember your beautiful daughter, for the big heart she had, and for the way she was robbed of her innocence and her future. SHE DIDN’T DESERVES TO DIE LIKE THAT. I pray and hope that her death, forces the society to fight harder against all kinds of bullying. We can’t let our children suffers in silence. They need our help! You will be in my prayers

    Ghislaine a mother of two daughters

  12. “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.” My condolences to you and your family

  13. I did not know Rehtaeh, and yet, I am in tears every time I read her story and see her sweet and beautiful face. It is for ever seared in my heart.

    I am in total disbelief as to what kind of societiy we have become. Where were the parent to teach those kids right from wrong and to tell them that that kind of behaviour is absolutely not acceptable? Why did not the schoold step in to nip that kind of bullish behaviour before it spread? Where was justice system to enforce the already existing laws? How do we not care what kind of generation of young peope we raise? Is this how we want the society to treat us when we are old and vulnerably?

    It is unfanthomable to me how you must feel. Her story will fade from the media focus, and the world will move on, but you will be left with the cruel reality of the fact that you will never see your little beautiful girl again. I do hope from the bottom of my heart that some good will come out of and that her senseless death will not be in vain. I hope from the bottom of my heart, although it is far too late for her, that you will get justice for her.

    Rest in peace little angel. I will not remember you as a victim, but as a beautiful, intelligent and caring teenager who graced the world with her gentle soul

    My deepest condolences to you and your family

  14. Thank you so much for articulating that your daughter died of disappointment, I so completely get it. I am exactly there. You’ve named it. I agree with her, why live in a world filled with uncaring humanity. Just so you know I have asked for help and been refused as well, I too can come to the only conclusion.

  15. Dear Mr. Canning

    I wanted to send out my condolences to you, your family and Rehtaeh’s mother and her family.

    I am glad to see that initiatives against bullying are moving forward in Nova Scotia. It is incredibly sad to know that it meant the life of your child to open and spur on the debate.

    Stay strong, keep writing, keep fighting.

    Respectfully (from Finland)…

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