Rae’s Awareness Walk

My heart overflowed with love on April 9th. I am often away spreading Rehtaeh’s message and trying to promote change and sometimes it feels like my province of Nova Scotia doesn’t support the continual work. However, I saw the care and support on this important day and it lifted my very heavy heart. After a long rough emotional week I was filled with a sense of purpose once more. Seeing the hundreds of people arrive and joining in to take a community pledge was very emotional.

Emily Lindin joined us and her documentary was very well received. Thank you for everyone that joined us. Your support was amazing.



IMG_6827 - 3rd Annual Walk  Stones that were placed as part of our community pledge




IMG_6848 - 3rd Annual Walk  Roman spreading awareness.




IMG_6899 - 3rd Annual Walk  Adam Baldwin singing the song she wrote for Rehtaeh




IMG_6965 - 3rd Annual Walk  Emily Lindin talking about the film “UnSlut: A Documentary”