Human Error

This editorial cartoon sums it up well. Yes, I was pleased with the results of the review in terms of the mistakes made not being covered up so far in the report that they can’t be found. Yes, I was relieved that FINALLY what we knew was wrong all along was written out in black and white. The reasons for no sexual assault charges…I will never agree with. But I’m with heavy heart because Rehtaeh was brave enough to come forward. She knew 100% what happened to her was wrong. How she was treated by police, schools and hospital is not how anyone should be treated let alone a child. “Human Error”….once yes.. but so many human errors is unacceptable. These “human errors” were pointed out to those in power many times in conversations. “what if they listened?”

I’m proud of Rehtaeh and will continue to speak for others so that families/children do not have to live the trauma that is now coming up to 4yrs. Because what many do not realize is that this trauma is not over. How could it be? As a family we have to be brave and continue on with this pain every single day. It all began Nov 12 2011 when I wish I said no to a “sleep over” but I realize I can not live in “what ifs” but for today after reading this thorough review and re-living so much pain I can’t help to think “what if the police did what was needed at the time?” when Rehtaeh was struggling to survive. What if I was not considered “the demanding mother” asking for clarification.

I will also say “what if” it was not my child…how many more children would it take? Change has come….these recommendation will go into effect and some already have. The government have taken this serious on many levels. Lets continue to protect our children by never being silent when we know it is wrong to do so.
Michael de Adder’s photo.