Rae’s Awareness 2nd Annual Memorial Walk

Our 2nd Annual Memorial Walk to “Rae’s Awareness” of issues surrounding sexualized violence was a huge success. Cole Harbour as a community of all ages came together to remember Rehtaeh and to show their interest in educating people of all ages of issues surrounding consent. We had great speakers and wonderful entertainment. When I looked at the young people in attendance I was saddened that my daughter paid the price and paved the way for so many others to have a safer environment. Rehtaehs’s little sisters,your little sisters,friends, cousins, daughters/sons and granddaughters will be better protected because Rehtaeh was not. Its a lesson that saddens me to the core but also one that makes me proud to know because her experience was shared with the world that we as a society are talking more and tolerating less.
Over and over I hear daily reminders from young girls that tell me Rehtaeh has given them the strength and courage to heal from their own abuse – that because of Rehtaeh they will watch over their friends a little closer when they are in groups. They will not allow people to “target” others to make them feel so worthless they know longer want to be on this earth. Change comes in stages and steps and change often comes from tragedy. This time it happened to be our family’s tragedy but I know that the ripples of conversation will continue. Why? Because as a community we decided that we cant allow this to happen again. We came together again this year and I was very proud to walk the streets of Cole Harbour, thinking of Rehtaeh and how she once LOVED this community. Thanks to all of you for participating. Our event raised 1530.00 so far in pledges and donations. This money raised will go back into the community for education and support groups.

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  1. Now it is done at least something good,
    that’s comforting , but learning must go on !

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