#EndTheSilence – Stories of Survival

I share these stories to End The Silence of sexualized violence and to share with others that you are not alone and you will get stronger with love and supportd…Here is today’s story.

Today, March 15th, 2015, marks two painful years since my life changed forever. It was a regular Friday night, and an old friend asked me to hang out. I hated and still hate being around drunk people so I asked if he was sober and he lied to me and said he was. He also said he was with one other person that was a good friend of mine, so I thought “why not?” Anyways, I walked to a nearby park and I see 4 men body boxing shirtless in the middle of the night. So not only was I lied too about him being sober, he was also with 2 people he didn’t tell me about. One I didn’t know and a little 13 year old, whom were both drunk. At that moment I was raped by two men ON MY PERIOD. They double penetrated me at once and they even had the nerve to try to pry my legs open to get the 13 year old to do something to me, which I kicked and screamed so it wouldn’t happen. They saw a car coming into the park so they all took off and left me there, screaming and crying, and the one I didn’t know comforted me and let me cry on his shoulder. He blew up on them, then never talked to them again. Anyways, a few months later after I found out I luckily wasn’t pregnant, and that’s when people started not believing me and leaving my side. I got called every name in the book. A supposed video was apparently going around, which made people think I was lying. I knew there wasn’t a video, and everything people said they saw in this “video” never happened. After two weeks of torture and suicidal thoughts, someone came out to me saying it was all a lie over someone who didn’t believe me. I got cyber-bullied, harassed by his friends, and found out I went to the same school as the 13 year old which made me drop out. During that time, one of the men hit my brother in the face with a metal baseball bat and threatened me and held a knife to my throat while my brother was bleeding, unconscious in my lap. The cops came immediately but didn’t take it seriously, and I even told the cop I had messages of the kid clearly threatening me via facebook but what was the cop’s excuse? I couldn’t use that evidence because I don’t know who was behind the computer screen. After that point I just decided to let karma take the toll. I haven’t seen nor talked to any of them besides the one who helped me. After finding out about Rehtaeh, it broke my heart. But she and you have both helped me out so much. And today, 2 years later since my life changed, I placed her beautiful stone in one of my favorite places. It was so peaceful and emotional. This is in The Lakes in Las Vegas, NV. A lot of tears happened, but a lot less than there was last year. And most importantly, this year, I wasn’t alone. And now I will never be again. And I couldn’t ask for better company. You and your family are in my thoughts all the time.
Like you say, she was my Rae of Light today. Rehtaeh Remembered. Rest Easy Beautiful.