How Not To Get Raped

While researching an article about victim blaming I found this priceless gem. It seems perfect given I found three separate cases like Rehtaeh’s with three statements about how the victim only called it rape once the photo got out.

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Created by femifesto: Sasha Elford, Shannon Giannitsopolou, Farrah Khan, in collaboration with Rebecca Faria, Stephanie Guthrie, Julie Lalonde, Chanelle Gallant, and Lisa Mederios.

“How To Not Get Raped” A Tip Sheet By femifesto & Collaborators
On July 14th there were two sexual assaults reported to the police in Ottawa. The safety messaging released by the police and the mainstream media as a response continue to be directed at women. These “safety tips” are unfortunately not unique to Ottawa. Versions of them are repeated in communities across the country on a daily basis. This has inspired femifesto and collaborators to make our own tip sheet on how to avoid sexual assault.

End #rapeculture & #victimblaming.