High School Graduation

Getting all my facebook addiction in this week because I will have to take a bit of a break near the end of next week. I wish all the high school graduates a happy and safe graduation but I can not see/read all the posts about it because its already breaking my heart that my girl who LOVED to learn and couldn’t wait to go to University wont be having that experience.
People have so much advice to give on grief and what I should and shouldn’t be doing. Don’t live in the past they say…move forward they say. You need to grieve, they say! Live in my head for a day and you will know I GRIEVE often and I now I can Laugh too I am amazed at all the miracles I see around me everyday and I notice them more so now. Seek and you shall find or better yet be open and they appear.
I can not ignore my feelings as that would be a dishonour to my very being. Once you start suppressing, then you are in for an even bigger pain. The past is how I formulate my future, the past is how I “feel”. Do I live there? No, but I am who I am because of past experiences and it does dictate where I am going. The truth is we only have this moment, right here, right now and I try to live in the moment each day as best I can but to attempt to not go to the past whether its to laugh or cry is to deny who I am…
To wake up to pain, anger and sadness is my every day but to wake and say “Yes, this is how I feel and this is what I will do with these feelings today” is to live in the moment.