Young man arraigned on charges of threatening me

A young Eastern Passage man charged in a high-profile child pornography case appeared in Dartmouth provincial court Tuesday on allegations of threatening to kill me.

The 19-year-old was arraigned on summary charges of uttering death threats and criminal harassment.

Police allege the offenses were committed online last August.

The teenager conveniently told the court he has yet to discuss the charges with his lawyer, Brian Church.

Judge Flora Buchan adjourned the case until June 27 for the entering of pleas.

The accused remains free on conditions (seriously? He’s repeatedly ignored them so far) to have no contact with the complainant (me), who contacted police last summer after I read threats in the comments section of a YouTube video I posted.

The teen’s identity is protected by a publication ban after he publicly destroyed Rehtaeh’s life and drove her to suicide. He faces two charges of distributing child pornography.

A youth court judge has also placed a ban on the identity of the girl (Rehtaeh Parsons) shown in the photograph, which was taken during a sexual assault at a house in Eastern Passage in November 2011.

“When judges stretch the law to accommodate (a particular case), they risk creating precedents that aren’t what anyone intended to happen,” Judge Jamie Campbell said Friday.

“It’s going to have implications that go beyond this case. That’s what terrifies me.”

I don’t think that terrifies him at all. I think what terrifies him is that photo will be entered into evidence in court and the lawyers will talk openly about Rehtaeh throwing up from intoxication while someone has sex with her.

Then this trial will look like the joke it is – only no one will be able to talk about it.

So is the ban to protect Rehtaeh, who died 13 months ago, or is it to protect – and thus cover up – the incompetence of Nova Scotia’s criminal justice system and/or the Crown’s indifference to treat sexual assault victims with the dedication they deserve?

I’m not sure which way it will go. Perhaps someone in the Nova Scotia Crown Attorney’s Office can call the National Post and selectively leak some details for us.

Either way, here is how sick that kid’s father is. He posted this Friday night and it’s in reference to our “Rehtaeh Parsons is her name”campaign. This morning he removed his Facebook profile.


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  1. The “father” of this punk should be sued for allowing a drunken , underage sex party at his house. Claim ownership of his house and have it demolished like was done with Paul Bernardo’s rape house.

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