Judge upholds ban in child pornography case

Halifax youth court judge Jamie Campbell upheld a ban “protecting the identity” of Rehtaeh in the prominent child pornography case.

“When judges stretch the law to accommodate (a particular case) they risk creating precedents that aren’t what anyone intended to happen,” Campbell said.

“It’s going to have implications that go beyond this case, that’s what terrifies me.”

Media lawyer Nancy Rubin, representing a coalition of outlets including CBC, CTV, Global, and The Chronicle Herald, had argued for the judge to lift the ban in the public interest.

“No one wants a ban on Rehtaeh’s name,” Rubin said. “What it will inhibit here is good, quality journalism.”

We don’t agree the ban should have remained and are looking into options. No one did much to protect Rehtaeh when it would have mattered so to apply a ban meant to protect her now is a little late and frankly, it’s insulting.

We also wonder why, after all these months, the ban was mentioned at all. The charges were filed last August. This makes no sense.