“Stop Hating Online” TV Ad

10jan13_flagYesterday morning I had the opportunity to speak to hundreds students at Fairview Junior High School in Halifax. I was invited by Federal Justice Minister Peter MacKay to help introduce the new national campaign that emphasizes the legal consequences of cyberbullying.

The campaign is called Stop Hating Online and it outlines what constitutes cyberbullying and what to do if you’re a victim or a victim’s parent. The goal is to start a national conversation about the impacts of cyberbullying, to give parents and teens the tools to stop it.

Get Cyber Safe now has comprehensive information on cyberbullying for both teens and the adults in their lives, on everything from recognizing the warning signs, to step-by-step instructions for dealing with it, to ways to encourage bystanders to stand up to cyberbullying.

“Stop Hating Online” TV Ad

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1 thought on ““Stop Hating Online” TV Ad

  1. I think the Stop Hating Online ads get the point across to their audience, but why misspell the word ” Whoa”? I realize that many kids are not spelling it correctly, but why continue and give the ok to our children be ignorant? Is it part of the dumbing down of our great nation so we no longer have the ability to question authority? I expect more from the ruling government and we should all expect more from our children to learn how to spell.

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