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Rae of Light
Rae of Light
The focus of the Rae of Light Centre will be a safe haven for youth who may feel judged, rejected, or lost in the midst various forms of abuse. Rae of Light would offer direct services from mid-day into evening and would also enable 24/7 services for online communications. The full portfolio of services we will provide will be above and beyond what any other Nova Scotia private youth centre or public service organization currently offer in a single location. Our business atmosphere will be clean, welcoming, and have private walk-in or email access for those who need it.

Rae of Light will range from being a drop-in centre for youth (who need to escape with a game of pool) to a place that teens can come when they don’t know where to turn and need resources (to overcome a difficult time in their lives). Our Workshops/programs will include but will not be limited to Animal Therapy, Art, Music and other Youth directed interests that may arise. We will offer an environment of services that inspire trust, remain objective and non-judgmental that will be demonstrated through compassion and understanding relating to the needs of today’s youth.

Our services will serve as a foundation to empower youth to have a sense of accomplishment both by partaking in our activities and/or participating in outreach services to schools in the local community.