Anonymous Press Release May 22 2013

AnonymousPublished on May 22, 2013
Press Release May 22 2013
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Greetings world
We are Anonymous,

Anonymous call for ANOTHER peaceful rally will be held in front of Police Headquarters in the continuation of seeking JUSTICE for the Parsons family following the TRAGIC death of their 17-year-old daughter Rehtaeh.

We are rallying for the following demands:

1) We DEMAND the HRP release an update to ensure the public they are continuing work on the case and to demonstrate their progress.

2) We DEMAND The Nova Scotia Public Prosecution Services, specifically the Crown Attorneys’ Office, issue a statement on the progress of this case, to explain why there have been no arrests to date, and when the public can expect charges to be laid.

3) We DEMAND an Independent public inquiry into this case that is transparent to include all government departments that should have or could have helped Rehtaeh. Inclusive of : The Capital District Health Authority, Capital District Mental Health Services, The IWK Mental Health and Addictions Program, The Administration of Cole Harbour High School, The Nova Scotia Department of Justice, The Halifax Regional Police Department, The Crown Attorneys’ Office, The Nova Scotia Department of Education, The Nova Scotia Department of Health, and The Office of the Premier.
We EXPECT open, honest reports detailing where mistakes were made, which departments failed, and proposed changes and remedies that will occur to ensure this NEVER happens to another victim.

4) We have held back releasing the names of the accused with the best of intentions and hoped the wrongs would be righted. We have allowed you time and the opportunity to realize Justice for Rehtaeh, the Parsons’ family and friends.
If these steps are NOT taken, ALL information will be released in this case.Our patience has grown thin and nearing its END. After this rally, if there is no action or results, We PROMISE the next release will be the information on ALL involved.

We are Anonymous
We are legion.
We do NOT forgive;
We do NOT forget,
Expect us.

WHERE: Halifax District RCMP
WHEN : Saturday June 1st, 2pm
1975 Gottingen street
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3J 2H1

1 thought on “Anonymous Press Release May 22 2013

  1. Thank you Anyonymous….
    Most especially I am grateful there are persons who are willing to search for the truth…

    However, I feel much sadness you / your efforts are required.

    I also worry, for you/yours/your efforts.

    I worry there will be more efforts put into discovering your Identities, than was investigating the rape/criminal harrassment (for I do see it that way NOT bullying), and hopefully, now, prosecution.

    I, and some I have discussed it with, often worry that Anonymous will be the one/group who is pursued/hunted. We hope Anonymous is safe.

    Thank you for your efforts.

    Thank you for making the effort.

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