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We Need Volunteers! Please consider volunteering to help Rae’s Awareness… We have specific events that we hold each yeah, and other programs that take place throughout the year. If you have just a little, or a lot of time, please let us know.

It is only with the support of dedicated volunteers that we can we can truly make a difference. We know that many both within our local community and across Canada care about the issues made public through the story of our daughter, Rehtaeh.

Please email contact@rehtaehparsons.ca if you want more information on how you can help or fill out an application form.

For those more serious about getting involved to make change please consider becoming a board member. We meet monthly to work towards developing programs and hosting events to Rae’s Awareness! If you have time and are dedicated to making change, please fill out the application.

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3 thoughts on “Take Action

  1. Your daughter was a beautiful soul. Thank you for everything you are doing to spread the word and offer hope and help to others in need. God Bless You always. RIP Rehtaeh. You are in our hearts.

  2. I have folled this case since the beginning, and it is a shame a young woman (or older child, whichever you please) had to die. I have also read court transcripts and even went through the newest article “The Justice System had some errors”. While reading this errors were pointed out but then they said “but everything was done ‘by the book'”. So that leaves Miss Parsons responsible for the death of herself. She was not shy of posting on social media and her picture is even listed along side a site where you can meet and chat (one of the worst places to meet anyone, chat rooms usually have about one quarter pedophiles trolling the chat room). There is even a poster by her that reads no one cares unless you are pretty or dead. She was very pretty, maybe she had very low self esteem, so she needed someone to care and being pretty wasn’t working, dead being the only alternative.I never knew her as a person just stuff I have read so please do not take this and think I am bad-mouthing her (although it will sound that way, I don’t mean it to) She had tattoos, to get these legally she would have had to have a parent or guardian there with her to sign a consent form. PERSONALLY I think this is a bad idea and reflects on the parent. I have tattoos and I have kids. When they are of legal age they can do what they want, untill then they can wait. Miss parsons was pretty so she should have had high self esteem, it seems like she was actually shallow, doing what other people wanted so more people would like her or someone would like her more. If she had high self easteem she would have been able to put up with cyber-bullying, all you have to do is cancel an account turn off the computer and don’t read trash posted about you. Deal with people face to face. Still something bothers me, she was pretty and I am assuming smart, none of this came to her and she wanted to see what people posted about her, this would lead me to believe she had a low self worth, she did not feel highly of herself. Those things stem from an unstable upbringing. Parents not telling the child how wonderful and great they are (or even telling them too much and the child ends up relying on what other people tell the child, leaving them with a low self worth, empty, hollow and shallow). I do not want to say Miss Parsons’ parents are to blame but this pretty young woman gave in to what other people said and what other people did, and gave in to a point where we know she was not strong enough for her own good. If she had been she would be alive. I am completely sorry for the events that brought her life to an end, but I have no pity. And to drag this on as long as it has been I can only assume that the parents or whomever is in this case wants a financial gain from the death of Miss Parsons, which I find disgusting. She lived in an age when social media is one of the strongest things we have, but what is stronger should be the relationship a parent has with their child. Their child should be able to go to the parent with any concern and the parent should be able to deal with it. The parent should have turned off the computer, called the school, and had things taken care of, way before this angel took her own life. Someone dropped the ball and it was not the government of Nova Scotia nor the prosecutor’s office nor the police. Who is to blame? The boys, the other kids at school and Miss Parsons for letting herself get into that situation in the first place and the parents for letting their daughter get into that situation. Kids will do what they want to do but if you talk with them long enough and not bother them they will listen to you, I know from experience. (Not to say anything like this would never happen to my kids, a series of unfortunate events happens all the time) Anyways those are the thoughts of John Q. Public

  3. Dear sir/madam,
    I have just finished watching No Place To Hide.
    I have cried for your baby girl and for what she experienced.
    I have a little girl of my own, and I cannot imagine what I would do if something like that happened to her. I certainly wouldn’t hesitate in hunting those bastards (and those who brought them up) down …
    I have no words to describe what I think of your justice system, I can tell you though that I expected more from Canada.

    My thoughts are with you.
    Kind regards
    Jelena stokuca

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