Rehtaeh’s Artwork

TThese are pieces of Art created by Rehtaeh through the years. Many of her water colours were painted during her darkest moments even though they are full of promise and colourful images. Looking through her Artwork you can easily visualize her creative gift. This creativity came naturally to her as many members of her family are also gifted artists.

IMG_8578 Rehtaeh Art IMG_8579 Rehtaeh Art IMG_8575 Rehtaeh Art IMG_8584 Rehtaeh Art IMG_8586 Rehtaeh Art IMG_8587 Rehtaeh Art IMG_8589 Rehtaeh Art IMG_8581 Rehtaeh Art IMG_8574 Rehtaeh Art


  1. Hi I was wondering if they were for sale ,or if copy could be make and sold

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