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“This site is dedication to our wonderful Daughter who was smart, beautiful, and full of life with a deep compassion towards animals.”

Rehtaeh Parsons
English 10 (D Block)
September 12th, 2012

My name is Rehtaeh Anne Parsons. I was born at 2:43 AM, December 9th, 1995, at the Grace Maternity Hospital in Halifax, Nova Scotia. My father’s name is Glenford Roy Canning and my mother’s name is Leah-Jane Christina Parsons….

…..During my sixteen years I have engaged in various extra-curricular activities. Between the ages of 5-7 I participated in ballet, soccer and swimming. At the time I disliked those sports but at age ten I started gymnastics and through gymnastics I joined Titans Cheerleading squad and that year we went on to win second place in provincials. I currently have no interest in sports however I became interested in art; specifically in watercolor paintings. I am an avid reader and have read an estimated twelve hundred books in my lifetime. I’ve read a wide range of genres including science, biographies and other miscellaneous non-fiction.

I also enjoy traveling and have visited Florida, Toronto, Mexico and this past summer I spent time in Ottawa. Some of my favorite places include Cozumel, Mexico and my uncle’s cottage in Peterborough, Ontario. The beach in Mexico was indescribable, I went deep sea diving, snorkeling, and boating a couple times while there. The cottage was an amazing experience I’ll never forget, I got to spend time with members of my extended family for the first time.

After high school I plan to volunteer with Sea Shepard Oceanographic Society and travel around the world saving whales and other endangered marine mammals. I fell in love with animals at a young age and spent my childhood growing up with them. My mother runs a German Shepherd Rescue and I’ve spent my life around dogs. Presently I own a fish named Necto, a rat named Alice, a gecko named Soup and a Pug named Ozzy.

Last year I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety after a very traumatic experience. Its had a huge impact on my life and how I look at things. This past March I was admitted into the IWK, and was kept there for six weeks. I struggle with coping but have the help of a loving family. This is why I want to study psychology and became a therapist to help mentally ill teenagers who are having difficulty coping with life. I would like to go to Dalhousie to do my studies.










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  1. I’m doing a report on you Retaeh.. I hope you are enjoying heaven right now.. Your story brings me to tears and I’m sorry that this happened to you.. I will try to make a difference for you and all of these other young ladies being tortured… Rest in peace, we will never forget you..

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