Rae’s Awareness Items

Items are available for order here, payable via paypal or etransfer.  Click the email link under either items and mention quantity, colour and or size in the body of your email. You will receive a confirmation email with a total amount for your item, including shipping.


Tshirts – Ladies $20

Image coming

Tshirts – Mens $20

Image coming

Bracelets – By donation

Awareness Bracelets
Awareness Bracelets

Bumper Stickers – $10

Awareness Bumper Stickers
Awareness Bumper Stickers

Mugs – $8

Awareness Mugs
Awareness Mugs

Stone Book – $20

Remember Rehtaeh Stone Book
Remember Rehtaeh Stone Book

Buttons – By Donation, many styles to choose from

Awareness Buttons
Awareness Buttons

Rehtaeh Memorial Stones –

Memorial Stone
Memorial Stone


Send all inquiries for items to awareness@rehtaehparsons.ca

13 thoughts on “Rae’s Awareness Items

      1. got the mug today , safely packed , high level gift-package !
        perfect purple , how did you know ? 🙂
        thanks or the wrist-band and the business-card included

        after having ordered a shirt from Rebbeca’s stand against bullying ,
        i shall “empty” my prepaid card and make follow-up donation . . .

  1. did some not ??

    here’s the short story (want the long one ? PM)

    i got goosebumps when putting the wristband on . . .

  2. here’s the long story :
    when I heard the slapping of the car-door of DHL delivery through the open window,
    I thought that one of the two mugs i was waiting for possible could have arrived
    and i felt (/ knew) the one from Canada has arrived
    So i put my shoes on to go downstairs to sign for and receive the package,
    but the postman did not ring, (mostly even if it’s not a signed package they ring to assure delivery)
    so i was a little bit disappointed , cause i was awaiting it daily (hmm felt really like today)
    and stayed upstairs

    a while later i went downstairs to get the trash out :
    and there it was : a cubic package on the top of the post-box
    . . .
    unpacking the high quality box with the purple ribbon(-bow),
    I was surprised, finding a wristband enclosed,
    because i could not remember that having been within the order,

    I got goosebumps when putting the wristband on
    after that i got warm . . . (1)
    . . .
    i Put the mug in the kitchen closet,
    the next morning , my mother (84) asked where the beige cup had gone ,
    i told her that that it was purple,
    and she answered she thought she saw an beige one,
    i told her that there is a second rose version of the cup and showed a pic on my pc.
    then she asked how it could be that she saw it slightly orange ?
    i told her the only thing i knew would be due to a cataract . . .

    Unfortunately the closet is more than full, but i am thinking about getting a pink cup for her .
    this will probably delay my separate Donation , because i shall be on some Rock-concerts in October and gathering for the train tickets now (from my social cheque)

    that was longer than the first long version (end at 1)

  3. Hi!

    I am trying to purchase a blue Rae’s Awareness bracelet and a memorial stone, but I can’t find the email link mentioned at the top of this page to select those items and pay for them. Are they still available?

  4. I would like to order 3 teal bracelets and 2 black ones as well as a bumper sticker please. Thank you!! Our prayers are always with you! <3

  5. Hi Leah,

    I recently followed you on twitter. I am a High School Resource Officer with Guelph Police Service. I was in the audience at COYO conference where you spoke this past February. To say i was moved by Retaeh’s story is putting it mildly.

    I would like to speak to you about the possibility of speaking at 2 Guelph, ON High Schools. I would love to communicate about the possibility. There is a beautiful atrium at one school that would be a perfect spot for a rock!

    Stu Robertson
    @constablestu (twitter)

    1. where do you live? We have mugs available but it cost a bit to ship them. If you are local it may be easier to pick them up.

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