Rae’s Awareness Walk

11apr15_walk3Yesterday was marked with a very special moment. Following the walk a butterfly showed up in the church we met at and stayed for a bit. It flew up to the front and circled around the room. This message was shared on the Rae’s Awareness Facebook Page:

“I just wanted to take a minute to share this photo. My daughter, Brielle, is only two years old. She asked if she could kiss Rae’s face & of course my response was that I think she’d like that. Such a proud moment for me. I can’t forget to mention that when the butterfly was flying around, my daughter asked me if that was Rehtaeh. I could only respond with kissing my girls face while I swallowed back my tears. Thanks for having us be apart of this event.”

We couldn’t be happier about how well the walk in memory of Rehtaeh went. This was our second walk and it was for her as well as to raise awareness about sexual assault and show support for all the victims who don’t feel they will be believed.


We had a great turnout and a group of very enthusiastic young people led the way!

Special thanks to Brittany and Courtney for the amazing and very spriritual song (I think it’s why the butterfly came), Dee and Meghan of the YWCA, Jackie from the Avalon Sexual Assault Centre, NDP MP Robert Chisholm, Garreth Warren, Stephanie, Rehtaeh’s friend Bryony, all the members and volunteers from the Rehtaeh Parsons Society, Anonymous Maritimes (and Anonymous Canada), Mayor Mike Savage and the Halifax City Counsel for their contribution to the Rehtaeh Parsons Society, as well as the Cole Harbour outlets of Tim Hortons and the Atlantic SuperStore.

See you next year!!!





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Storify from the walk:

2 thoughts on “Rae’s Awareness Walk

  1. I want to just say a BIG THANK YOU for coming to St. Stephen High School. It means a lot! I have been there and done that but I called for help for myself because I had a life a head of me and I know hurting myself or killing myself is a very bad idea and I call and said I needed help and got help from there but when I first hear the story on the internet I cry a lot but today was also so hard of me and I end up leaving because I couldn’t pull it together BUT I LOVE YOU! and Hope to hear the story sometime soon!!!

    1. Hi Mary, Im glad you received the help you needed. Good for you for knowing when you have to leave. We have to honour how we feel and somedays are good and some are bad. The good news is that its OKay to have bad days too.

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