News 95.7 Interview with Jordi Morgan

My interview with News 95.7 radio host Jordi Morgan. This is a ten minute interview and I appreciate being able to express myself and share this story.

I also spoke this morning with a Toronto station but do not have that recording.

*I have no intention of being present during the court date set for the 15th of August.

3 thoughts on “News 95.7 Interview with Jordi Morgan

  1. I don’t know where you find the strength to cope with everything Glen. I don’t blame you for not going to see these people in court. They will probably be smirking, because that’s how they were brought up. The justice system does not respond to victims.

  2. I admire you so much. And I will NEVER forget Rehtaeh. And remember, pretty much the whole of Canada and North America, and many from around the world who know of this, hates “the boys” (my god I hate calling them that) and the injustice which was done to your daughter

  3. I am a victim of domestic violence. Just like in Rehtaeh’s case, the Justice System victimized me all over again too. I currently have a petition out at Change.Org to try to get the case reopened against my husband ( Please let me know if you have any advice on how to make it a successful campaign. While our stories are different, I believe that I know a little bit about the emotional pain that Rehtaeh went through. I too, struggle to live every day. I know the disappointment she felt. I feel it too. And I know exactly what she meant when she asked you “to do everything possible to keep a part of her life normal. ” In case you don’t already know, that was the best gift you ever could have given her. She was lucky to have a father who loved her so much.

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